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Istanbul and I

Jun 21 '13

Oh right tumblr.

It occurs to me people use tumblr a lot more than I do and I should update this blog more. I have been posting a lot of posts on facebook from Istanbul and the things that are going on these days. It really is a sight to behold. I hope to talk to many of you face to face while I am visiting Canada about it but for now here are some photos I took of the park before the police moved everyone out 9 days later. That park was full of good souls and people of all types. Football fans of different Istanbul teams intermingling which believe me only ever happens when the Turkish National team is playing. Everyone together.

Occupy Gezi Park June 6th:

Sep 27 '12

Anti Terror PKK demonstration in Taksim Square on Sunday September 23rd.

Aug 30 '12

Street Photography in Mecidiyeköy.

Jun 3 '12

Galatasaray fans watch the football finals on an outdoor screen in Mecidiyekoy.

May 6 '12

Sunday open air market

Apr 10 '12
Working and relaxing. Time for more photos I say.

Working and relaxing. Time for more photos I say.

Mar 21 '11

I have been quite behind on updating as you can see. Sorry about that. I will play catch up the next little while with mostly photos. Stories to come when I can sit down and let the mind wander and flow.

A friend of a friend was visiting for the past week. He is currently traveling Europe and stopped in Istanbul to see the sights. We took him for a boat tour of the Bosphorus which I have never done before either

Feb 20 '11

I will do a text post soon.

A year ago today I left for Istanbul : )

I had two weeks off between semesters. I was planning to go to Egypt since about November but the revolution came so I ended up going to Amsterdam. Here are the pics. Stories to come.

Nov 30 '10

Where there’s smoke…

I was on my balcony Sunday taking down my laundry when I looked up and saw black smoke. I was on my way out soon so I left my laundry, grabbed my camera and headed towards the smoke to see what was happening. I was shocked to find the Haydarpasa Terminal was on fire. One of the oldest…if not the oldest…train station in Turkey. Built to connect Istanbul and Baghdad. Apparently they were doing repairs and something went wrong.

Nov 20 '10